According to several online surveys, wealthy men have been found to prefer going out with women that are not very rich. This can be as a result of many factors. Some of the factors include but are not limited to:


    Many rich women are usually goal oriented and can be considered as materialistic hence are more likely to be concerned with worldly entities. Rich men, on the other hand, prefer to date a woman that can offer them emotional support and be there for them at all times.

    They are in search for family oriented companions.

    Wealthy men in the cause of their business meet a lot off career oriented women who rarely spend time with their partners. Rich men hence find such women hard to date and hence want people they can devote more time with. Family oriented women will want to spend more time with their companions hence communicate more amicably.

    Men are dominant.

    Observations have been made that men like to dominate their women. Many men are not comfortable when women they are dating or are married to are financially stronger to them or are the ones who make critical decisions. Wealthy men will therefore not prefer dating rich women too as they would not be able to make all critical decisions by themselves proving their superiority. Rich men are not used to getting rivaled regarding finances and hence would not women that may seem to match them.

    Lesser richer women are more appreciative

    Women with smaller financial muscle tend to be more appreciative of the wealthy men’s efforts to please them and have lower expectations. They seem to be more inclined to commitment, being appreciated, being cared for, feeling secure and being loved. Women with lesser money are also less demanding and accommodative.

    The money that wealthy men have seems to attract women with lesser money as compared to them. This makes these women interested in a wealthy man’s hobbies or interests. The women are also found to be more loving, appreciative and compassionate to their partners. Wealthy men are hence more wooed by the willingness of women with lesser money than them to pay attention to them while at the same time giving them emotional support which they need appalling. Wealthy men will hence seem to prefer women with lesser money than they have over women as rich as they are.

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